Autumn/Winter wish list for the home

This week we’ll have been in our house for five months already, I can’t believe how much the time has flown by! With my Christmas job starting at Boots soon, I’ve already started mentally spending my wages. What can I say, it’s been years since I earned some wages and with a house to furnish and decorate there’s plenty of things on my wish list.

Our main focus is to get our living room painted and looking more homely, especially as currently we’re using a documents box as a table to rest a lamp on!

We’ve finally decided on what colours we want to paint the living room after painting the walls with squares of various shades of grey,teal and grey but said decisions have yet to be purchased though.For the feature wall we will be using Dulux’s Grecian Spa 1, a colour which matches near enough perfectly with Homebase’s teal glass crackle ball lamp and Ikea’s Eivor cushion that we already have.
Dulux Grecian Spa 1
On the other walls we will be using Dulux’s Night Jewels 4 which works well with the Grecian Spa and also with our sofa which is Ikea Kivik in dansbo dark grey.
Dulux Night Jewels 4
This has been on the wish list since the start of the year, on one of the many occasions that we visited the show home of the house builder’s site that we’ve bought on. I was looking around and noticed the light in the living room and fell instantly for it. When I got home I started searching for it on google and managed to find it, it’s Utopia Six Arm Light by Dar Lighting.
Dar Utopia 6 Arm
Arm Chair
Though this has made the wish list it’s actually already been ordered, me and Mr Simples went into Debenhams on August bank holiday to spend a voucher given to me by a friend and came out over two hours later having fallen deeply in love with this teal arundel velvet Goodwood armchair. The chair was ordered at the end of August and the delivery time is eight weeks as it has to be made to order therefore we’re expecting it at the end of October and CANNOT wait! We’d looked everywhere for a chair that we liked and then found this beauty. It’s insanely soft and I already know that me and Mr Simples will be fighting to sit in it(I’ve already told him he’s not allowed to eat in it, as he’s a messy eater!)
Debenhams teal arundel velvet goodwood armchair
To compliment our sofa and the above armchair and to make them even more snuggly, on the wish list is also Dunelm Mill’s Teddy Bear Throw in charcoal grey and teal.They are incredibly soft and perfect for winter nights in front of the TV.

Source: Dunelm Mill

Source : Dunelm Mill

What is on your wish list for your home right now?

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